This certificate by the Metropolitan Real Estate chamber: is a member of a professional organization that trains, advises and supports you, which gives you peace of mind because if you do not act correctly you can make a formal complaint.

The chamber of Real Estate Metropolitan, Real Estate endorses that you are able to assist in the sale and / or purchase of your property, has all the market information, will provide professional advice, both legal and technical, as to the credits to which you can have access, as well as to all the procedures to be carried out, tax payments and notarial services.

He will take care of the whole process. It will provide you with the list of documents, will serve as a link between buyers and sellers, and will guide you on all the steps to follow from the beginning to the end of the purchase or sale transaction.

It will guide you on the value in the market. You will be able to inform you about the price of properties similar to the ones you are selling or to which you are buying and will help you in the negotiation process.

If you are selling your property, you will take care of the marketing. It will announce it, interview potential buyers and only show it to interested parties who are pre-qualified for the purchase. That prevents you from receiving strangers in your house who go on their own. It will also coordinate the visit of other real estate agents so that other professionals show your property, so that it has more possibilities of sale.

If you are buying it will show you properties. It will do a search of those that adapt to your criterion of prices, needs and specific communities. I could also suggest others and keep you updated on the new properties that come to market with characteristics similar to those you are looking for. When you have selected the property, you will present the offer.

A real estate consultant has a broad base of properties in different areas, so you can help buyers to choose the properties that are best for you.

A Real Estate Advisor can access the inventories of the other brokers and expose their property more widely or get the property you are looking for.