Method 4 of 5: Find your future home

  1. Scours the perfect home. With a clear picture of your financial situation and once chosen a purchase method, it is time to choose a house.
  2. Scores and ranks the different elements that you’d find in the property you’re looking for. What is more important, the proximity to your work or space to grow your family? A garden provides a pleasant recreation area, but a space where your car left for safekeeping at night sleep will leave you calmer.
  3. Stick to your price range. Check properties through the newspaper, on the ground or through the lists of an agency, keep track of houses that you cannot or should not pay more than a distraction: it can also become too expensive.
  4. Note the area. Do not rush, even if you found the house meets your expectations.
    • In US it is common to find real bargains in disreputable neighborhoods: sometimes just a little research on the Internet to learn about the latest crimes around. And security is not the only factor: maybe the ground floor is very wide, but the nearest supermarket could be half an hour by car.
    • Do not be shy and if you have already visited some property, talk with neighbors to find out the data that you would any real estate agency.
    • Unfortunately, there are rare residential complexes that some builder or certain bureaucratic maneuvers have left with no or intermittent basic services, or defects in the structure because of very low quality materials.
    • To remedy this situation somewhat, since 2014 new housing developers offer quality coverage: a guarantee that it is insured for ten years against design flaws or waterproofing. Asked if the property that interests you has it.
  5. Find out about the future. You should buy a home in a place where gradually replaced condominiums homes on one level? On the other hand, maybe you’ve heard of the “gentrification”: the renewal and reconstruction of some buildings and dilapidated neighborhoods.
    • Buy a small property in a site that is experiencing this process, or will do so soon, it can be an excellent investment in the medium term, but it can also lead to a considerable increase in the cost of living and services. You also may find yourself in an environment very different from what you had planned dynamics.
  6. Re – evaluate your expectations. Sometimes perfection is something that is revealed to you during the search and includes factors that had not previously considered. In such cases, it is also prudent that do not cling irrationally to your initial requirements.