Compare the different methods of purchase

  1. Use an estate agent has an obvious advantage: the advice of experts in the field. A good agent can auxiliaries throughout the entire process: help in the diagnosis of your financial opportunities, explain the solemn and convoluted language of legal paperwork and save you the fatigue of visiting properties that do not match your needs.
    • Of course, all this has a cost. The commission of a real estate agency can vary between 4 and 10% of the total value of the property. And less than 4% commission is not necessarily a saving; it may signal an irregular agency.
  2. Make a direct deal. The direct treatment offers the charm of doing business face to face. If you have the ability to haggle, you can get a substantial discount, and even negotiate with goods which cannot rely otherwise as motor vehicles.
  3. Determines whether you can make a trade. Remember that the country is not unusual to see on the street or in newspapers signs like this: “I sell or change for car of the year”.
    • Of course, this kind of business increases the risk of dealing with scammers and deal with properties that have legal problems or debts in tax payments. If you’re faced with an owner who admits, it can be a factor of reduction.
    • In any case (after not tell anyone warned you), it is highly recommended that count on the appropriate legal advice. While negotiations between you and the seller may be hunky-dory, so that the sales contract is valid must be made before a notary public, and that’s definitely your lawyer field.