Selling an apartment or a house can be a quick or very slow procedure depending on the conditions in which the property is located. You have to consider both interior and exterior aspects.

Four essential things that you should check before announcing the sale of your house. This will help potential buyers give you the “yes” as soon as possible.


First of all, you must leave everything ready for the new tenants to enjoy each area of ​​the house. Repairs some damages such as humidity, pipes, leaks, among other things that may seem unpleasant to people. By maintaining a good performance, the house will look like new if it is a bit old.


Make sure that each area of ​​the property looks clean and tidy. If you are going to advertise your home on the internet, consider that the house has to be spacious, illuminated and impeccable in each of the photos you post, in order to attract the attention of the people.

Create homey spaces

With the help of paint and some furniture and accessories, it creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Use neutral colors and make sure the decoration does not look old-fashioned.

Highlights the advantages

Finally you can take advantage of other factors that do not depend exclusively on the interior of the property. Talk about the area, the environment, the businesses or centers that are nearby, and above all, transport. This will help the prospective buyer finish falling in love with your home.